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how to bundle bundler

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Bundler is now a critical piece of Ruby infrastructure. Combined with RVM it means we are guaranteed anyone can easily start working on a project (well, except for things like C dependencies). Bundler guarantees that everyone is working with the same gems, and a .rvrmc file can specify the exact ruby version. But wait, we haven’t specified what version of bundle is being used- bundler cannot bundle bundler! To require a minimum version of bundler, you can add this to your Gemfile:

# Enforce a bundler version - we always want to be on the latest version
# use lambda to avoid creating a top-level variable
lambda do
min_bundler_version = '1.0.7'
# There is a first pass and a second pass with different settings
if <
fail "Bundler version #{min_bundler_version} or greater required. Please run 'gem update bundler'."